Through acupuncture I offer effective pregnancy treatments to support mother and baby from conception to birth.

With considerable experience in the field I can be found on both the Zita West national network of affiliated acupuncturists, (the largest integrated reproductive health clinic in the UK) and on the Herts Acupuncture Childbirth Team (specialising in pregnancy, obstetric and fertility care).

Acupuncture can ease a woman through the many physical and emotional changes that occur during each trimester of her pregnancy and can help to ensure a comfortable and healthy pregnancy.

Through the effective use of gentle needle technique and moxibustion, I help nurture and support moms to be.

Common conditions treated with Traditional Chinese Medicine include:

1st Trimester 2nd Trimester 3rd Trimester
Morning sickness Heartburn High blood pressure
Cold/flus Carpal tunnel Pelvic pain
Threatened miscarriage Leg cramps Incontinence
Anxiety Sciatica Back pain
Digestive irregularities Hemorrhoids Breech presentation
Sinus congestion Muscle aches & pains Edema
Anemia Preterm labor Insomnia
Fatigue/low energy Labor preparation
Recurrent miscarriage Labor induction


Mary is a member of the following organisations:

British Acupuncture Council Zita West Zita West

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